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About Vermont SILC

The Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council exists to advance the equality with which people with disabilities enjoy, participate in and contribute to the lives of their communities, families, and friends.

Message from the Chair

As the Chairperson of the Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC), I have the pleasure of introducing and welcoming viewers to our new, enhanced Website. We think this site will serve as a gateway to the benefits of independent living (IL) for all citizens.

Please look around, be inspired and utilize however you would like.

The Vermont SILC promotes the value of IL through education and outreach. It emphasizes the dignity and self-respect that all citizens are entitled to and the socioeconomic productivity that can be achieved through self-determination and self-sufficiency. I can honestly state that the current membership team of the SILC is dedicated to the mission and hard-working toward that end. However, the SILC simply represents all those who understand the meaning and importance of IL, of community integration and opportunities for all.

It is with pride that the SILC “unwraps” this website and it is the SILC’s hope that all viewers and peers will share the pride of living independently.

Sam Liss
Chairperson, Vermont SILC

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