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SPIL 2017-2019 was recently completed and submitted by The SILC, VCIL and Voc Rehab, with help and input from over 120 advocates and peers across Vermont. And formal approval of the plan (for the next 3 year period) was granted on September 7th by our new federal agency, the Administration of Community Living (ACL). The resource plan contained within the SPIL will guide how money is spent (by the SILC) on Independent Living programs, services and supports over the next 3 year period. The plan took effect on October 1st, 2016, which is the first day of Fiscal Year 2017.

The core of the plan is the definition of shared Independent Living Objectives and how State Advocates will work together to realize these Objectives with available funds. Vermont has defined 12-15 shared goals in each of the last two SPIL cycles. Organizations that will take the lead on these objectives are delineated and rough timelines are assigned for each task. In the past 2 SPIL cycles, the SILC has defined 3 or 4 primary objectives that will comprise the bulk of our efforts and that decision guides the work of subcommittees, that meet regularly to move forward on the objectives.

Housing, Transportation, Education and now Employment are the current key objectives for this plan. Interested parties may contact us for a PDF or check this page again in the coming weeks for us to post it here.

State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) for Vermont for 2021-2023

Review the new plan by clicking the link: Download SPIL 2021–2023.