Why care about Independent Living?

Independent Living means controlling and directing your own life, taking risks, and being allowed to succeed and fail on your own terms. The Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council exists to advance the equality with which people with disabilities (PWD’s) enjoy, participate in and contribute to the lives of their communities, families and friends. Towards that end, by joining our Council, You can make a difference!

Advising on legislative action

The VT SILC assists in educating legislators about the technical aspects of bills that relate to the disability community.

Address existing barriers for PWDs

If you join the Independent Living movement in Vermont you can be a part of important collaborative efforts designed to ease the burden for PWD’s. For instance, transition services can help people achieve meaningful employment, participate in their communities, and pay taxes, relieving some of the burden on the public benefits system. The SILC advises and educates the general public and legislators on the value of transition services (and many other service programs like it) by identifying cost saving aspects of these programs and pointing out the effects in the lives of PWD’s if these programs are not sufficiently funded.

Your passion

As a Council Member you will have the opportunity to introduce issues regarding the Independent Living community in Vermont that you feel need to be addressed. There are many ongoing efforts; Council Members are encouraged to offer input regarding their area of expertise, whether that be about their own disability or another area of experience.

Fill out our the VT SILC application today.