A woman in a wheelchair smiles as she is working in a library

For many years, the Vermont SILC, in conjunction with Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL), the Vermont State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) and other entities, has been working to improve employment incentives for people with disabilities within the State Medicaid for Persons with Disabilities (MWPD) program. By scrupulously educating legislators and administrators on the positive socioeconomic impact of such initiatives – for both the person with the disability and society as a whole, the collaborative effort has paid off. The State legislature passed work incentive enhancement legislation to the MWPD program that was, in large measure, approved recently by CMS.  As of January, 2018, more people with disabilities in the State of Vermont will be able to work and work more while retaining vital health care. The State is realizing that, with advancements in assistive technology, pharmaceutics, etc., more people with significant disabilities can and are willing to work and take part in mainstream society. This population should not be denied that opportunity. With appropriate support, people with disabilities can greatly and constructively contribute to economic and workforce development and eschew a life of poverty.
The VT SILC Transportation Committee has been exploring, among several topics, available and accessible transportation for people with disabilities to/from places of employment. Concurrently, the Governor’s Committee on Employment for Persons with Disabilities (GCEPD) has taken an interest in the same topic. These initiatives are intended to assist the persons with disabilities avail themselves of suitable employment but also answer a need of employers for such productive and able employees. The effort is ongoing, but we expect positive results in time.

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